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Pip-Boy 3000 Watch Face

1.5 usd

Highly customizable fan-made Pip-Boy 3000 watch face for Android Wear. Designed to give your Android Wear device the unmistakable look and feel of a Pip-Boy 3000 without sacrificing good looks or style. Includes tons of customization options to let you tweak and tune your watch just to your liking, with settings like Analog/Digital faces, toggleable AM/PM indicator and date display, color schemes and much more, with new features being added regularly (and by request). If you're looking for a Pip-Boy watch face for your device that is fully configurable and that you can wear out of the house and still look fashionable with, this is the app for you.Note: Fallout, Fallout 3, Pip-Boy 3000 are all registered trademarks owned by ZeniMax. The author of this application is in no way affiliated with ZeniMax or Bethesda Softworks. This is a fan made application.